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Many people have driven down Ballarat’s Avenue of Honour, underneath the iconic Arch of Victory. 

As part of the Ballarat Heritage Festival, running from May 7 to 30, a new exhibition will delve deeper into the lives of those people memorialised and those who worked so hard to memorialise them. The Honoured in Lucas Exhibition will be hosted by Integra and Coltman Plaza Lucas in conjunction with the Avenue of Honour-Arch of Victory Committee.

The exhibition will celebrate and tell the stories of the Lucas Girls, who conceptualised, planned and planted the Avenue. These women, who raised the funds to build Ballarat’s most iconic structure and entrance to the avenue, the Arch of Victory, encapsulated all that the community spirit of Ballarat stands for – working together through difficult times and honouring those who have contributed to a greater cause.

World War 1 soldiers are not only commemorated in the Avenue of Honour in the city’s west, but in Lucas itself, where many of the names of Ballarat’s heroes are immortalised on street signs. The exhibition will tell the stories of these soldiers through digital, static and interactive displays throughout Coltman Plaza. 

An unforgettable element to the exhibition will be the mini poppies that visitors to the exhibition can place next to a street name representing a soldier who fought in World War 1. The poppies will form a special memorial around Coltman Plaza bringing to life the displays and stories shared throughout the plaza.

Nick Grylewicz, Integra Director of Land Development, explained how visitors will be immersed in Ballarat’s amazing history.  “This is a wonderful opportunity to bring the whole family along and take in some of the history that makes the Lucas suburb so special,” he said.

“It won’t take long to find yourself immersed in the stories of the World War 1 soldiers, the nurses and those who were at home honouring them, and what is amazing is that as a community we are still doing that today.”

Katerina Tsamourtzis, Coltman Plaza Marketing Manager explained why it’s important to bring to life the history of Lucas. “The history behind Lucas is rich and is the foundation on what makes this community strive today.  The Exhibition is an opportunity to honour the soldiers that fought, but also pass on their legacies to our younger generations.  We are honoured to not only host the exhibition, but also to have named our Centre after 2 brave soldiers – The Coltman brothers.”

Event details

Federation University – Courthouse Theatre (Building F)
SMB Campus
107 Lydiard St Sth
Ballarat Central

Saturday May 29

1:00pm ‐2:00pm
3:00pm ‐4:00pm

Cost: FREE

Age: All ages

Accessibility: All accessibility access

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